Very impressive customer service from Trainerroad

Currently working through a tech issue. Have a guy named Mike helping me work through troubleshooting it.
What I really appreciate is how engaged he is with the task. I’ve gone from wanting to chuck all the technology in the bin to kind of enjoying the process of elimination as we try work out where in the chain things are going wrong. Feels like someone is on my team.
For me it’s so important to feel like this. It’s the very best way to run a company and brings long term devotion.


I had to use support the other day. I edited my training plan in Plan Builder. I added the Festive 500 as a stage race. I lost all my mid week sessions, weekends were fine.

With two hours I had a reply and it was all back. Great support.


TR is hands down the best customer support I have experienced. After I submitted a request for advice/support with the app, I had a continual chain of responses from three different staff. All were very helpful and took time to answer my questions and showed genuine interest in me and my goals.


I have to agree, any time I’ve had any sort of question for the support team, they are beyond helpful and kind. Kudos to the TR support team!!


Always had great support! Thx TR!


Nothing but love for the customer service team. By far the best I’ve ever encountered. Anywhere. Ever.

I remember waaaaay back in the days of virtual power when they rationalised the power curves for dumb trainers. Gutted to see my chosen trainer power curve disappear (it matched perfectly with my power tap when I used on I the road) I had a whinge as I was mid plan and didn’t want to retest. ‘No worries, we can see that would be annoying’ they said and made all the power curves available again.

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Hi again, had a question to TR and again I wanna say: Great customer service, quick, friendly, helpful - absolutely remarkable and one clear reason why I want to support TR further! Thanks to all at TR for your great work in these difficult times.