TrainerRoad and Today's Plan integration

Hi everyone. Is there a way to sync my TrainerRoad workouts to Today’s plan? Also is there a way to put my Today’s Plan workouts into TrainerRoad so I can do indoor workouts based off my Todays Plan training plan?


I have been evaluating Today’s Plan this past week and asked Today’s Plan how to import workout data from TrainerRoad. Today’s Plan mentioned they were meeting with TrainerRoad last week and hopefully have a plan soon. This, to my knowledge, is just for the workout’s that you’ve done. Don’t believe there is a way to move the workouts or plans before you do them.

This would be a really useful feature to have as to sync a TR workout into TP you have to manually download the *.fit file and then import it into TP.

It isn’t helped by Garmin Connect not passing on 3rd party files. So even if you have TR linked to Garmin and Garmin linked to TP the file won’t be passed on.

I’ve been emailing both TP and TR on this feature request. Although TP are very keen to get the link sorted, TR are busy with other features and aren’t prioritising this.

Anyone know of anyway round this lack of file transfer?

I’m also interested in having a " Today’s Plan Ride Sync"


Any feedback @Nate_Pearson

There are no plans to sync with today’s plan right now.


Thanks for letting us know Nate! What about TrainerRoad bringing in ATL, CTL etc any plans to further expand the ride/workout analysis to include such stats?