Sync Completed Workouts to Today's Plan

I am switching over to Today’s Plan from Training Peaks and would really like to be able to sync completed workouts to Todays Plan just like Training Peaks and Final Surge ( have no idea what that is )…

Today’s Plan is really ramping up in the US ( have been used by many pro tour teams) and is more customizable. I am a coach and LOVE the trainer road group workouts during this pandemic times…

They have all the API’s out there to allow it to happen.


Thanks for checking in about this! I’ve passed this along to our development team for consideration. :v:


only reason i don’t use this is because it doesn’t sync with today’s plan. i don’t have a computer so it’s unusable.

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I have asked today’s plan and support tickets on TR, year or more ago. Still waiting.

Hey! Our apologies, requests get put on the roadmap based upon the urgency of the need and by how many users make requests. We have some great features and fixes that are on the way first, so it’s not on the roadmap on the moment. Sorry for the trouble.