API to Sync with Todays Plan

Hi there…

I am a coach and have set up a Virtual Workout Website and am doing group workouts with folks during the pandemic. I love it but I really want to be able to push the post workout info to Today’s Plan.

Still wondering about you being able to push trainer road workouts to Today’s Plan. They have all the API’s publicly available if you go here to check it out. https://api.todaysplan.com.au/

I love the group workout feature but hate the fact I have to manually sync my workout data post ride to Today’s Plan. Is this something you are working on? Please I hope so.

If not do you give access to your API that I could work with to make it work? I am working with a developer to automate many things and this is something he could do if it was available.

I have moved away from Training Peaks as they are too proprietary…


I’m also a today’s plan user and I asked the TR team if they would be willing to make the automatic upload happen. It doesn’t seem to to be a priority for TR though. This is very unfortunate as the manual file upload works great and one would think it should be fairly easy to make it happen automatically. I also contacted today’s plan and they would be willing to pick it up right away but don’t get any feedback/support from TR…
It would also be nice if TR would sync its calendar to today’s plan…but for now it would be a great step in the right direction if they would at least sync the completed workouts.


yes agree it is not that hard since Todays Plan has all the API’s readily available…

And all the other apps like Zwift and Sufferfest, FulGaz sync post workouts to Today’s PLan…

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I’ve asked multiple times too, to TR and to TP. No dice.

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@Nate_Pearson? Any update on this?

Hi everyone,

We certainly have Today’s Plan on our list of potential integration partners moving forward. Our web engineers are currently working on some higher priority items, but once we return to a more regular workflow this is something our Product Management team is aware of as an item to get added to the list of things we’d like to do. As you can imagine, that list is not small :smile:.


Do you have an API that we can specifically use to pull unique rsvp link or code to each group workout that is created?


@annetest we don’t have this currently, no. Is there a specific use case you are hoping to accomplish with this? We automatically generate a unique code with each workout created, and give you the ability to send out an invite link to add that workout to their calendar as well. I’m guessing you want to allow people who come to your site to just see the invite code for each particular day so they can bypass adding the workout?

I am doing group workouts virtual training classes instead of teaching at an indoor studio. So I want to be able to make a schedule on a scheduling app Acuity and somehow automatically put the code in there when people register for the workout. Your group workouts are such a game changer for feeling connected to people during the pandemic (unlike Zwift which is not a real workout with real people)…

I’m also a subscriber to Today’s Plan and use that as an aggregate for my Cycling, Running, Strength, etc training data. I use that in place of Training Peaks. It would be really helpful if TR could export to Today’s Plan.


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I also would like to have TrainerRoad sync workouts to TodaysPlan. I hope that this can move up your priority list.


Add me to the list of adding integration with Todays Plan, my coach is switching over from TP and now uses Todays Plan.

Thank you!