TRAINERroad and nutrition

I have always loved the podcast, but since you are TRAINERroad, I would like it if the podcast was more about training and exercise fysiology. I am a dietician myself, and it is not that I feel jealous, but it feels weird that people who didn’t study 3-5 years about food can just give so much nutrition advice. I like your mindset of ‘fuelling the work’ and eating healthy, but the balance between performance and health is much more nuanced than this.

Hey @Lukas1,

Thanks for the feedback!

Nutrition and endurance sports go hand-in-hand which is why we feel that it’s important to provide some solid information for our athletes on how to properly nourish themselves on and off the bike.

We make sure to seek out the best possible sources of information on nutrition which is why many of our recent podcasts have featured seasoned professionals such as registered dietitian nutritionist Alex Larson (Episode 433, and Episode 470 which was released today), as well as Associate Professor & Department Chair of Health and Human Performance at Eastern Oregon University Kyle Pfaffenbach, Ph.D. (Episodes 458, 463, and 469), among others.

I’d give those episodes a listen if you haven’t already! :slightly_smiling_face: