Indoor "mileage" on Strava

This is more of a Strava question but since this forum is so helpful…
I’d like be able to filter out indoor rides when viewing my yearly totals. Is this possible?

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If you figure it out, let me know :grinning:

If you use the Elevate app extension on Google Chrome for Strava you can choose between virtual rides and outdoor

rides. You also get access to quite a bit of other cool data.


Not sure about others, but my TrainerRoad rides dont show as VirtualRides only my Zwift. I think you would need to recategorize all your TrainerRoad rides to get this to include them.

In Strava under Gear, create “indoor trainer”. Then when a workout uploads select the “Bike” tab and all your Gear will be available to choose from. Use “indoor trainer” for all your indoor rides.

After doing this in your Strava profile it will show miles per Gear. So you will now have all your miles for each individual bike. If you want to get super specific make new indoor trainer gear every year (ie: Indoor trainer 2018, Indoor Trainer 2019) and you’ll be able to separate years.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a workaround.


I mark all my rides in Strava with which bike I have. So winter bike and winter bike turbo etc.
Take a snapshot of Strava at the beginning of the year and just subtract that mileage from current mileage.
Or use Veloviewer

Have a look on

This is a very site / app which connects to your strava account and enriches it with loads of cool statistics, metrics and insights.

There you can also filter to your hearts content.

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Thanks for the suggestions on the third party sites. I do have my trainer bike listed and mark it for each TR ride. I also see that these rides are tagged as “indoor cycling.”