2019 Race/Event Results Thread

First races of the season have been running, so let’s hear about em.

Any race or event, any place, celebrate or commiserate!


I saw a friend of mine did well in the valley of the sun time trial. Was wondering how @trpnhntr did.

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Cross linking, since this is a 2019 race: The 24 Hours in The Old Pueblo Thread

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@Bryce and I are down in Vegas for the Bootleg Canyon DVO Winter Gravity Series. He raced to 6th in the Pro Enduro. :trophy: They got my number plate mixed up so I have no idea how I did, but we’re both racing DH tomorrow.


Well…I cramped out during the final 200 meters in a 3 hour road race late January. Then last weekend, I got dropped 20mins in to a 1 hour crit, with the same P/1/2/3 women I raced with last year and could hang with, heck even podiumed a few times. So that was a little heartbreaking and tough to handle.

I have another long road race this coming weekend…hoping I can turn things around.

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It’s early in the season, I’m sure things will turn around.

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A few podiums early but, sick now going into week 3. Pretty deflated. I usually start going good in April. Summer is high work load for me so it’s looking like 2019 is done! Cra cra.

Bummer. Might be good to pick a late summer/early fall event to refocus on.

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Do snow shovel races down the driveway count?


Master nats maybe. But you’re right. Late summer/fall perhaps…oh well there is some good in here somewhere! Any racing for you soon?

Only if you podium!

I’m a hill climber and non-racer, but decided to do 3 Early Bird Crit clinics and races in NorCal to continue to improve bike handling and pack riding skills (I train with a racing club). At 61 participating in the Cat 5 35+, I had no expectations. Although I knew I would have no ability to contest a sprint, I surprised myself being able to hang with the lead group until the sprint finish (50min ave = 24mph).

btw: Another fellow TR user took 5th in the 3rd race (I told him early in the race that he was going to be my leadout :smile: )

I’m currently thinking about whether to race any more crits just to keep the skills up or try road racing. Comments welcome.


My snow podium is bigger than yours. image


Try out Bariani RR, skip Snelling.

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I’ll have Vail Lake XC in two weeks (CA MTB series) but the first one is non-USAC so I’m not sure what the field will look like. I’ll do all of the rest of the series through March and April as well.

I’m itching to get going!

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Did my first race ever today. 50 mile MonsterCross race. Placed 7th in age group/division! First lap was on pace and good. Rain set in during second lap and it got muddy and slick and the pace came way down.

Cant thank the wisdom of the podcast and the forum enough that made this a success to me.


Pulled off second in 50-59 Expert at the TBF MTB Challenge at Folsom Lake a few weeks ago. First time on a bike outside since October…had zero expectations, I just wanted to ride outside. I had just had my fork rebuilt and this was the first ride, somehow one of the seals in the solo air was nicked and I lost 40psi of air into the lower leg, so I was riding with like 60mm of travel and a fairly stiff front end.


Four days ago my new race bike for the year turned up, earlier than expected. With no planning on Saturday I decided to race on Sunday - not ideal after some hard workouts this week after a 20W FTP bump earlier in the week…

My legs felt dead, I’ve only ridden an MTB outside twice in the last FIVE months and I’d never ridden this new bike before, or a 29er of any sort. Eek.

Fast forward a few hours and somehow I’d exceeded my expectations and was stood on the second step of the podium in 30-39, woop woop! I guess it’s true, you really don’t forget how to ride a bike.

The race was a short downhill MTB race, on a 1min40 track. Not much gradient though, so pedaling more important than it is at a lot of DH races. I finished 1.2 seconds behind the winner and 2.4 seconds ahead of third. Given that I’m 5+ years older than both of them I’ll take it - life in the old dog yet!

Thanks to NSBikes for sorting me out with this beautiful Fuzz 29 DH bike:


I see @Bryce was a DNF yesterday - I hope he’s ok!