First Road race this season. Cat D

I posted last week about the circuit race and how I could do better with improving position in the pack. I have to say I was impressed with this 36km Road Race. It was quite hilly with the finish being on a pretty good climb. Not so good for us 229lb guys. There was a nice -2 to -3% back end that I excelled at. I tried to get my team together and I heard 30, repeated 30, said at 36 and for some reason didn’t slow down. That was my mistake because I was dropped on the next hill. I guess I wanted to use the momentum to help me up the hill?

TraineRoad has seriously upped my racing game. I have never been able to keep up with the pack this long and its the first year since I started racing 3 years ago where I had a team to work with. So we were trying to get tactics together. We are working on that.

Here is the Video of the race: Falmouth Flyer 2019 - YouTube
TR Activity link: Log In to TrainerRoad

There is a short lead into the start/finish line where I hit the lap button.

Thanks all