Is this right? Trainer Road recommended rides are less than half the time for the races? (resolved)

I just joined and put in for a plan. Adding my main goal race in November which is likely to be 8 hours of hard riding, with 2 races of 4 hours. The recommended endurance rides do not exceed 2 hours. How could that possibly be enough? And how do I edit them to add more hours?

  1. Did you make the A race expected duration 8 hrs and the other two 4 hrs?

  2. In plan builder set your long ride cap as close to that duration as you prefer.

I set the dates and made the long ride at the end of the year the A race and the other two the Bs. In the 6 weeks before the long race, the longest ride they have for me is 2 hours

Then set your long ride cap higher in plan builder.

Sounds Bike you’re a new user?

When you set up your training plan for your A event, after you go through the plan builder you’ll get to the part where you can schedule the days of the week in which you ride

At the part you can also set your ride time caps for those days. On the day your long ride is scheduled click the drop down box and select a ride time cap that is close to what you want your long ride to be.

For example my plan has a long ride of 2:30 but I’ve set my cap at 4 hrs and plan builder has set my long ride closer to that mark as a result.


Thanks for that. Fixed thanks to you.


No problems. Good luck with your races

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@2DollarLegs nailed it for you! Glad to hear you got the cap for your longer rides extended.

We thought the following article might be useful for you as well:

In short, you don’t have to smash out those long, hard rides to prepare for your event. You’ll gain most of your event-specific fitness through the structured interval workouts in your plan.

That said, it certainly doesn’t hurt to get out on longer rides! It’s a great opportunity to experiment with nutrition/hydration, test out your bike fit/equipment, and it’s just plain ol’ fun to actually get outdoors for a long ride.

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