Trainer resistance ramp up/down out of sync with software

Hi Everyone, my first post, please be gentle…

I have this a bit annoying problem, it doesn’t kill my training, but gets under my skin at times.
I use Trainerroad + Wahoo Kickr Snap gen 1 and in erg mode and while some workouts seem to be ok, others are just quite out of sync on what I see on the pc screen and actual resistance and power output. I think picture will describe this best.

These are from workout named: Joe Devel +1

As you may see, it is either TR is lagging or the trainer. However it doesn’t explain why it works flawlessly with some workouts and software and others not.

Sometimes short bursts of 15s or less do not even ramp up.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

Not sure I can identify your problem, but the thing that strikes me from the picture is your heart rate. Seems strange to be that steady through that workout. Hope someone chimes in with some ideas for you.

Thanks for replying. In those pictures you may see that yellow line, indicating power readouts from the trainer is lagging behind what software is indicating. The trainer is in erg mode. The power mismatch is because resistance comes on too late and/or delays falling.

Below is one more example where power ramp (4th spike) didn’t even come on due this lag. There was no resistance change in erg mode.

The HR is just above the LTHR, these intervals are about 20/15r, there is too little rest for the HR to go down.

Thanks again…

I would put in a support ticket with TR. I had an issue with my Snap a number of months ago and they were able to walk me through a fix right away. Also, double check your Snap has the most recent firmware update.

Hey there!

I have a few recommendations for you :slight_smile:

  1. Download the Wahoo Fitness App
  2. Pair your trainer to the Wahoo App and ensure that you have the latest firmware
  3. Calibrate your trainer
  4. Try using an easier gear during your workout. By using an easier gear in ERG mode, you reduce the wheel speed, which makes it much easier for the ERG command to be executed. We recommend using your small chainring and a cog somewhere in the middle of your cassette.

If these steps don’t return positive results, I’d recommend opening up a ticket with us at and also with Wahoo to see if they have any tricks up their sleeve.

Good luck!

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Thanks everyone, I’ll try these soon.
I do use 52x15 often during my workouts as this helps me with the perception of smooth pedaling because of the elevated noise and tone. It also has a better chain line. Also on smaller gears, due to power demands, I get tyre squeak and excessive tyre/drum wear. But just for experimentation I’ll try a lower gear.

I can’t tighten the wheel to drum more as the tyre pressure and everything is kept constant to produce consistent results. Trainer power is calibrated to external power meter.

Kind regards

I actually think this is something other than what has been described above.

To me it looks like you might have some interference on your connection between the trainer and the device you are using to control the trainer. The extended duration of the intervals can sometimes be as simple as the command from trainer road to the trainer to drop the power to X is missed and thus delays the end of your interval

If you’ve tried the above troubleshooting it might be worth trying to get a better connection between your controlling device and your trainer (proximity, other wifi bands, etc)

Just a bit of an update. I tried all suggested things, even used an extension cable for the ANT dongle, but the response lag is still there. What helped a little bit is reducing wheel speed as suggested. Also, I have noticed when I am above the requested power, say between intervals, when the rest period is of such low power, that I’m cruising above it, makes this issue to manifest a lot.

It is not big deal really, generally it works well, but short intervals are unpredictable.