Erg troubles? Power not adjusting down as quickly as normal

I’ve been using a Wahoo Kickr Core + Stages power meter for a few few weeks, but generally haven’t had a problem with erg mode… until today. Ran Monitor + 1 and noticed on some of the intervals (specifically the 2nd & 3rd) coming right off rest would spike up way higher than the target goal. Normally when this happens it’ll come back down after a few seconds, but for these they stayed high for around a minute or more.

Just inexperience with erg / TR? Or possible glitch with the software + ramping intervals like that?

Here’s the ride:

The first thing I would try is using an easier gear than usual. By using your small ring in the front and a moderate gear in the back, you decrease the inertia of the freewheel which makes it easier for your trainer to excecute ERG commands, especially when using PowerMatch.

If that does not resolve your issue, I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team at so that they can dig a bit deeper into your issue :slight_smile:


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