Tacx Neo 2T and Nx Eagle 11-50 compatibility?

With the new normal and not being allowed to do my workouts on the Stages bike at the gym I’m jumping into the home smart trainer pool.
I looked all over but didn’t see this question answered, Will the Tacx Neo 2T work with the the NX Eagle 11-50 Cassette? I searched the forum and found this but I couldn’t find the definitive answer in the thread.

I obviously understand the cassette will mount since it’s the sram / shimano spline (not xd) but are there any other issues. For the record I am running eagle on my gravel bike so it’s not boost. I had the new Hammer and was all set but learned the hard way that the 50t cassette rubbed on the plastic housing. Luckily a buddy bought that trainer from me so I didn’t get stuck with it but I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. Thanks in advance

@Bearcrawl I can confirm that the lack of boost spacing will make no difference on the NEO2. The 6mm spacer that makes 142mm stretch out to 148mm is found on the non drive side which makes no difference to the way the cassette mounts.
As to whether or not the dimensions are different between the Neo2 and 2T. I’m just not sure.

Maybe shoot DC Rainmaker or GP Lama an email as they’re both pretty familiar with the new 2T units.

Yep, the NX/SX 11-50 will mount direct to the Shimano/SRAM splined freehub that comes on the NEO2T… but as for RD/chain clearance for the 50… That looks like it’ll work too. Someone over on the NEO FB group has a few pics (not in the 50) but has replied that he can use all the gears.

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Is there a noticable difference in the dimensions of the unit between the Neo/Neo2 and the Neo 2T?
They all look the same at first glance.

All Neos are the same size.

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If you’re using erg mode you may find an eagle cassette to be simply overkill (unless you’re mounting one that you just had lying around)

I use erg mode exclusively, so never change gear, and use a cheap 105 11 speed cassette with my otherwise sram force axs 12 speed equipped bike

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Thanks guys, should have it up and running today and will report back to confirm. All of my bikes are 12 speed now and I cleaned house of all the 11 speed gear. Fortunately the NX cassette wasn’t too bad…

Well… The answer is… sorta.
This was a problem i didn’t see coming.
Turns out the cassette fits on there nicley, the derailleur swings fine… but the chain runs into the support of the trainer. Keep in mind I am running a 46t chainring on there with the 50t in the back. Shifts and works fine until about 9th cog up. Then the chain runs into the leg. I would suspect that with a smaller chainring this would not be an issue. I am obviously going to continue using the setup as it is. Just thought this would be helpful for others to hear.


I can confirm that SRAM eagle axs and eagle 52t derailleurs are too big for the Tacx Neo 2T and cause the chain to rub on the stabilisation arm in the two largest cogs. Not ideal.

Are you using an XD cassette? In any case, why pay for a 11-50 cassette or mess with taking a cassette off your wheel? Just use a much cheaper 11sp (or 10sp) cassette and don’t use the 12th gear. The spacing is the same and the chains are compatible - you certainly don’t need lower gears on the trainer. The 12sp cassette just cantilevers the bigger gears behind the freehub into the ‘spoke’ space. Save yourself $50 on a clean, indoor cassette.

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I was planning on getting the Tacx Neo 2T for use with mountain bikes. I have an NX eagle drivetrain while my girlfriend has a SLX 11sp drivetrain. I’ve been searching all over the internet to figure out if there is a cassette I can mount to the trainer that we could both use with our respective drivetrain, but have had no luck. What are my options here? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.