Cheap 12 speed Eagle-compatible cassette for Kickr?

Going with an Sram Eagle mullet on my gravel bike and I want to be able to use it with my Kickr Core. I figured I could get an NX cassette for ~$100 that’ll work on the HG freehub, but there are cheaper options on Amazon. Would something like this work? I’m going to run an X01 cassette and XX1 chain on the bike itself. Any reason a cheap cassette wouldn’t play nice with that chain? Any other suggestions are welcome.

VG SPORTS 8/9/10/11/12 Speed Ultra-Light Bike Cassette for Mountain Bike 11-40T/11-42T/11-46T/11-50T/11-52T Bike Freewheel MTB Cassette Compatible with Shimano/SARM

If you use ERG mode just put on a single speed cog :man_shrugging:

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I use ERG 90% of the time but want the option to shift

Before you do that just put an 11sp on there an give it a whirl! The gear spacing difference is pretty small (3.8 mm to 3.65 mm)

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Cool thanks! You may have saved me some money :moneybag: :star_struck:

Did this work?

I ended up going with an NX cassette…most of the time i use my gravel bike on the trainer so I figured it might end up being worth it.

I went through this a year or so ago. I have an older Kickr (V1) and found that I couldn’t shift in to the two lowest gears on the NX cassette without my XX1 AXS derailleur contacting the trainer itself. On the upside, I’ve been using an 11 speed 105 11-32 cassette with no issues - both in ERG in a single gear and shifting through the gears. There’s probably a gear or two that are less than ideal derailleur/cog alignment but I haven’t had a problem.

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