Trainer control/Power source

Hi. I am a new TR user and from l can see until now you cannot manage Trainer control and Power source independently with the TR workout app. I’d like to do sometimes a TR workout feeling the terrain in a zwift course as if l were outside. Apparently TR cannot just read power while another app has the trainer control. Am l right?

I think you could just leave the control to Zwift, and use TR without a power source. Then later import the Zwift ride into TR, and pair it back to the workout. I haven’t tried this, but think it would work.

Or, do you only have the trainer for power data, or also a powermeter? If you had a powermeter, you could pair that to TR, and leave the trainer control to Zwift. But it sounds like you don’t have one?

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I am also in Xert and in their app it’s possible to enable/disable independently power source and trainer control. So l can use BLT for the workout app and Ant+ for zwift. I am very impressed of what I have seen until now in TR but having the possibility of disabling/enabling trainer control while still reading power would be awesome.

If you aren’t following the TrainerRoad workout structure for that ride, it probably makes more sense to third party sync or manually upload that ride to TrainerRoad afterwards to appropriately get credit for that ride in your Progression Levels.

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I occasionally do that but with RGT. The easiest way is to set the WO to an outside one and like @IvyAudrain says manually upload or have it sync to TR and match it.

The other way I do it needs a power meter though.


Yes, l see there are many workarounds but wouldn’t it be just simpler to have the possibility of disabling Trainer Control in the TR workout player? That way you could also do a structured workout inside with TR trainer control and extending your ride in a zwift course giving trainer control to zwift

It would be useful to do a structured warmup controlled by TR and include in the same ride a zwift race just swapping trainer control from TR to swift.

I hope developers implement that option soon. I guess it wouldn’t be difficult as most other training apps have it.