Zwift Hub and TrainerRoad integration

Hey there. Now that the market has had these a while, can someone please advise how they find integration with Zwift Hub and TR?

Specifically, I’d like to buy one and run it in ERG mode with TR workouts and managed by the power on my SRAM power meter crank. Is this set up working ok for everyone?

I have had effectively this setup for several months, except that I read power from my Wahoo pedals. I have had not a single problem.

I have a USB plugin for an ANT connection to my laptop.


are there issues reading power from the training when using it with TR?

I have not had problems. The power meter in the pedals connects to my laptop via the ANT dongle plugin. I run the desktop app on my Windows laptop. Power comes from the pedals into the app on the laptop.

Even that description above makes it seem more complicated than I’ve ever found it to be in practice. It’s always just happened for me basically automatically.

  • Do you mean “trainer” instead of pedals?

My other half picked a Zwift hub and uses it with Zwift. I’ve used it with TR several times and it’s been totally seamless.

It’s not as good a trainer as the top end Elite/Tacx models, but it is perfectly adequate and the integration is easy.

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No, I have Wahoo POWRLINK Zero power meter pedals. I use them as the power meter in my TrainerRoad workouts. I could read power from my Zwift Hub trainer, and I have at least once, but generally I prefer to use the same power meter for my inside and outside rides, and thus the pedals rather than the trainer.

I may have not fully understood NJHIKER43’s question.

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OK, I just questioned it as the person above was specifically asking about connection of power data from the Hub to the TR app. Your use case with a separate power meter & PowerMatch included is different, and may not address their concerns.

But the other reply above sounds like a direct Hub to TR connection and shows good function, so both bases are now covered :smiley:

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Indeed I may have not fully understood NJHIKER43’s question.

The original post #1 in this thread referenced a SRAM power meter crank, which is I think more like my own configuration.


Also integrated seamlessly to power match with my Assiomas

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I would be interested in this as well. Essentially how to connect my Zwift Hub to trainerroad, so I can do the workuys on TR, vs Zwift

Same as any other smart trainer. There is nothing different about the process for the Hub.

With the Zwift Hub on, I opened up the phone app, then went into ‘devices’. The trainer was there, as was my Assiomas (and my HRM, but that’s beside the q). I selected power match, then started the workout. Simple as you like.

I was able to connect, but how about concurrent to Zwift now? From what I read, you have to sign into Wift and connect via BT, but for TR you then have to use Ant+. Does that work? Of note, my trainer is a Zwift Hub with the Virtual Click shifting. I took my cassette off.

Just chiming in to say that I use TR on my phone via BT, and Zwift on my laptop via ANT+ dongle. You just have to select your trainer as the power source in Zwift, but deselect the resistance option so that TR controls the resistance.

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  • Yes, since the Hub has only 1 Bluetooth channel (like many other trainers), you do have to use ANT+ for one of the devices apps.

Below are some great guides that cover the many ways to mix both apps at the same time.

  • That just means you need to use ERG mode in TR since you can’t shift for harder or easier gears like you can in other trainer modes.
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Got it to work! Thanks again!

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