Trainer and Bluetooth issues

Testing the waters here to see if anyone else has had a similar issue (i did post about this issue on another site/forum but thought it may be more fitting here).

My setup is a TacX Smart Flow (so the wheel on trainer) paired through TR and a Garmin Vector single side power meter pedal. The TR app is on my iPhone that has a mount I put on my handlebars.

Have had little to no issues and then last week I started experiencing bluetooth drops. It happened once in a singular workout, and then the next time it had 4 times!! in a ramp test which was killer. I can immediately go into my devices where it shows the trainer, click to connect again and boom it connects in the snap of a finger.

I’ve contacted Garmin about it and supplied a bunch of data; their people are chewing on it but so far no soluton yet. Was wondering if anyone else experienced something like this in the past. The only change is a drop in temperature: We have now entered some colder temps so my first guess was maybe its experiencing issues because of this. I haven’t tested this theory but to make sure I wasn’t hurting the trainer, it is resting inside in advance of my garage workout tonight. I have also confirmed firmware is up to date on the trainer as that was my first thought…

Any input would be helpul.!


edit: real quick edit as well. I don’t have an easy way to just switch to an Ant+ setup. That would require a spot for a computer (not even sure my cheap home computer is capable), buying a dongle, etc.

Actually had the same thing for the first time last week. I switched from a tablet to a phone after the first drop and it dropped again thirty minutes later. Kept recording HR though which is also Bluetooth. I was on a Kickr.

Luckily, it had no effect on my ride which was a four hour endurance workout, but during a ramp or VO2 set that would be a bad thing to encounter…

Curious about your Kickr issues - I started having 2-4 drops per hour on a Kickr v5 when paired to my laptop - anything else on the laptop was not dropping (power meter and HR stayed active, just the Kickr stuff dropped). Made sure phone and tablet bluetooth was turned off so an app wouldn’t try and take over. Haven’t had a great deal of time to troubleshoot yet, but I pulled my ANT+ dongle out today and am going to try that tonight, along with trying it just on a tablet instead of the computer to rule a few things out. Wondering if the last Kickr firmware update caused this, or if it’s just interference, as the trainer is about 11’ away from the Kickr.

Going to grab one of these when they are eventually supported by Zwift:

So did some more testing last night. Looks like my trainer is actually rebooting or something and that is why the bluetooth is dropping out. Hopefully Garmin / TacX can help me figure out what.

Hi, I had the same issue today, with Tacx Flow. My computer was recording my HR and cadence, but not the turbo trainer. It happened approximately after 20 minutes in my ride, then it connected and again the connection dropped. My suspicion is that it is realated to the trainerroad windows application. If you say, that your TT was rebooting, might by that the TR app sends wrong singnal to the Tacx which then reboots. The reason why I suspect the TR app is that I’ve been using Rouvy app for past few weeks and it work just fine. Since the last update the TR app is consuming quite a few resources while running.
First while pairing with devices - that basically kills the app and computer. Then even while running. So to sum up:

  • Since last update I experienced drops in connection to my Tacx Flow turbotrainer. Zwift and Rouvy work fine. ← This is mine main issue right now.
  • When the turbotrainer app is starting, it hangs for couple of minutes. Seems like during pairing with the devices. Then unhangs and works.
  • The application is super sluggish outside of running the training. Loading workouts or doing anything with them is really slow and unresponsive. It is so bad, that often it records wrong mouse clicks.
  • Analyzing and uploading the workout takes very long time, couple of minutes.

My configuration is Dell Latitude E7440, Intel Core i5, 12GB of RAM, 1TB SSD drive, intel GPU, Windows 10 Pro. The laptop is connected to power (so not running on battery), power option set to balanced. Connected via HDMI to LG TV, display setup to duplicate screens. Looking now at my setup, there is no reason for the app to be slugghis.