Train Now vs Scheduled Workout

Any reason why Train Now is recommending a completely different workout that what is scheduled in my current specialty phase? On the calendar is Basful +1, which is VO2 7.1 stretch workout ( 3 sets of 7 X 1 min @ 125%,) but Train Now is recommending (climbing) a Productive Threshold workout. Oh, and every time that I refresh the page, it will recommend a different Train Now workout: Stevens +1, Goethe, Bondcliff.

Train Now doesn’t look at a plan or periodisation, simply at what you’ve done recently and offers up recommendations based on that.

As for why it offers a different one when you refresh, I’m guessing it’s to offer up a variety of workouts. It does the same for me - if I click refresh enough times it circles back to the first one it suggested.


most simply put, trainnow is what can or should you do now based on your history.
scheduled workouts are working towards a goal

trainnow is not a substitute for a trainingplan, you should use it when you are not on a plan, or decide your current plan is not working for you at the moment (due to other focus or illness). It can be for example a quick way to substitute a hard workout with an easy endurance workout. When your on track within your plan, I would not use trainnow, but use alternates


I really appreciate you linking the info… and I just now noticed the resource tab/menu button. Lots of great info! :call_me_hand: