TrainNow ability to select tomorrows training

Requesting the ability to select TrainNow workouts in advance to better integrate cycling into daily schedules, especially for shorter rides during workdays.

I wanted to reach out and share my enthusiasm for the TrainNow feature on our cycling platform. It’s been an invaluable tool in my training regimen, and I’ve seen some incredible improvements in my performance over the past few months.

One thing I’ve noticed, especially during my workdays when I have specific time slots for shorter rides while working from home, is that it would be incredibly helpful to be able to select my TrainNow workout for the following day ahead of time, without having to wait until midnight.

Also excited to share my journey from 180w for 84kg/1.86m at 31 years old to around 275w for 82kg in just 5 months, thanks to the platform’s flexible training plan!


Hey @Nightnale :slight_smile:

This is great feedback! I will pass it along.

Glad to hear that TrainNow has been an invaluable tool in your training :muscle:t2:

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