Train Now question

I have been sick, had to stop training for a few weeks, and just deleted my training program. Restarted using only “Train Now”, as I have no goal at the moment (except getting back where I was).

As I was using Train Now, I noticed that it keeps recommending the same training quite a while after you finished it. E.g.: this morning it suggested “Giraud”. I did that training, and an hour later I looked what it would recommend next (just curious). Still Giraud. Now, six hours later, it still suggests Giraud.

As the recommendation is supposed to be based on your history, it seems that the training I did is not yet taken in consideration. An hour after the training that isn’t strange. There will be few peopple that do two trainings back to back - you might just as well do one longer training. But six hours later I would expect a different suggestion for the next training. There are after all enough people that do two trainings on a day.

So, my question: how long does it take before the Train Now algoritm takes in account the last training in its recommendations?

I’d give it till tomorrow to refresh. I believe the algorithm is thinking you want to do a second workout on the same day.


That’s strange, I’ve done a couple of tests where it gave me a climbing recommendation but after I did that workout it immediately changed to recommending endurance. Maybe your app is having some trouble syncing?

Might add that this is on the PC - windows. Did close and restart the program. Looked just a moment ago, and it still recommends Giraud.

edit: even restarted the computer, still the same.

Give it overnight to reset. I have been using Train Now exclusively for a while since I have no goals either. Daily it gives me something else to do.

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what if you hit the refresh button next to the duration drop down?

This morning my recommendation was updated within 15 minutes of completing a workout. Try refreshing the duration ie change to different duration then back again.

@iamholland: it cycles though comparable trainings (pettit, homers nose -2, etc), with Giraud popping up every second or third time (obviously as the leftmost, recommended option). It also starts with Giraud after restarting the program.

So it seems to me that the recommendation it is still based on the same data as before the training I did. Or it must be that the number of trainings I did is so low that it dooes not matter. Though it suggested an other training yesterday.

@dprimm: going to do that anyway. Mostly I was just curious about the algoritm.

So, what has happened since?

I got a new recommendation the next morning. So that was good. Except I had to bail on a 3.2 Threshold workout on Sunday, and it recommended a 4.9 VO2max workout on Tuesday. I took a restday instead :).

Today (this morning) it recommended a 3.6 Sweetspot training (Plummer -2). That went well, but if I open TR and look at the recommendations it still suggests the same Plummer which I finished 8 hours ago.

So it seems the TrainNow suggestions refresh (at least for me) only once a day (or after a longer time than 10 hours). Not really a problem, the days I did two trainings on a day are long past.

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