Train now no sweet spot recommendations?

I am working through the polarized plans right now, almost done the 6-week and will move on to the 8-week. Doing low volume.
Was thinking to add in a 4th ride per week, a sweet spot workout and thought I could use train now for this. However, train now only seems to recommend threshold, VO2, and endurance rides.
Why is this?
I have been adding in a 4th ride, endurance, using train now but I think I can handle a bit more intensity if you will, that’s why I was thinking sweet spot instead of keep on doing a 4th ride as an endurance one.
If anyone knows why train now won’t suggest a sweet spot I am curious to know.
I can just manually add a sweet spot but if there were any other suggestions or feedback I am open.
Thank you,

May be linked to the recent work you have done (that TN looks at in order to make it’s recommendations) and the potential that SS is not what it thinks is appropriate. That is a guess on my part.

I have done little to no TR work or anything that shows on my Strava > TR calendar. I’ve just been doing BMX and pump track rides, that are pure manual entries on my part. When I look at my TN, the very first suggestion in the “Climbing” section is Mount Hayes -4, which is a 3.7 SS workout.

As I hit the refresh button, I get a mix of SS or Thresh options under the Climbing section. So it may well be relative to your recent history and current Progression Levels, as to what TN will offer.


Same here.


Thank you both, must be based on my Hx.
I guess, I am thinking I may be smarter than TR, probably not a good idea.

However, I find that historically I have had trouble doing 3 tough workouts per week.
I am masters age, 46, with about 4 years of low/mid volume experience.
That is what I am liking about polarized so far, low volume, it is only 1 hard workout per week.
I am doing 4 rides total per week, low volume, plus 1 additional endurance ride.
Plus 2 dialed health strength workouts, and maybe one run.

I am thinking of the 4 rides I am doing I could maybe do 2 harder workouts, and 2 easy endurance ones. I am just a bit scared if the 2nd hard workout was threshold or V02, it may be too much. Maybe I will just try it and see.
I was one of the people asking for a master’s plan for this reason.
However, again, AT is supposed to have address this.
OK, I think I have answered my own question here and will give it a shot next week.

…just remember AT doesnt work on the Pol plans - its only on the standard plans added via Plan Builder (unless you did that and ‘hacked’ it to change to the Pol plan…). If you dint use Plan Builder then you wont get any AT input anyway.

Edit: seems like that is out of date infom so ignore it!

That was true, but is not the case now. AT now works with ad hoc plans added manually to the calendar without using Plan Builder. That feature was added just last week.


thanks for pointing that out - I’ve spent far too much time on TR the last week and somehow still missed that. I did wonder why my custom session yesterday prompted some plan adaptions though, so that explains it. Seems like its even triggered without a full plan added and a 1-off custom session seems enough to trigger adaptions. Good news.