Traditional Base vs. Sweet Spot Base Question

Wanted to give my background briefly and get input on what you guys feel is best for me.

I competed in triathlons the past two seasons and did awesome last year, which I felt was odd as my FTP seemed lower than the first year. I did all sprints. I ended up taking October-December off. I originally planned to only take 2 weeks off and jump back in. I started back up in late December of just easy rides and runs. I just completed a 4 weeks session of traditional base, which was nice and easy. I am debating doing another block of 4 more weeks of same thing vs. sweet spot. My confidence is a bit low and I want to get back to the competitive edge I had last year-being fast and efficient.

Race season starts in May. What would you guys jump on? Just wondering if Sweet spot is more intensity than I am ready for.

*Also, How do I find the polarized stuff? I’ve heard about it, but not seeing it in the plans. If a polarized version of SS exists, that may be what I am looking for.


Why not do the next progression of Traditional base instead? Or the canned response, use Plan Builder.

You may have answered your own question. Polarized is essentially the opposite of Sweet spot, where you go easy (Z2) on your easy days and then go hard (threshold and above) on your hard days. Sweet Spot is going sort of hard.

You used to have to enable Early Access for them to show up under Training Plans. I don’t know if this is still the case or not but it is detailed here.

I’m an idiot! Thanks. I was blind to just adding next phase. Thanks.
Problem solved. Appreciate it.

Yes, I have used plan builder before too.

I’m really not this dumb! I think anyway! :rofl:

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There’s a LOT to choose from in TR. Glad it helped! I’ve enjoyed Traditional base before, I’m still not sure the best avenue for us time crunched athletes, but I don’t think any amount of Z2 is a bad thing…