Traditional Base Low Volume III - weekend's workouts order

Hi all,

I’ve question regarding order of weekend’s workouts in TBLV III.
I’m used to having a long run on Saturday during previous parts of base. In part III there is sweetspot workout on Saturday and 2h30 tempo workout on Sunday.
I think there is probably a huge reason to execute those workouts day by day but I wonder how can I stick with my long run on Saturday? Can I move sweetsport workout to Wednesday? And then I’ll have long run on Saturday and 2h30 tempo on Sunday? Or I’ll miss point with this sweetspot workout when I’ll move it?
I was looking into ideas in Mid-volume and High-volume plans but without surprise they also have two workouts on weekend. Maybe someone will have other idea?

Thank you in advance for help!


Hi, I swap the rides around, i have Sundays off. Train Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, day off Thursday, train Friday and Saturday.

It works okay for me, i seem to cope and Recover okay. It is a bit harder when the plan goes over to Build as there is VO2 and more threshold workouts and hence recovery is very important, Hence i do my workouts in the Morning before any other of life’s stress kick in.

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