TR wanting to reduce difficulty

I recently let AI auto detect my FTP which went from 196 to 211. I also recently changed my long ride from 90 to 60 minutes because it fell on Easter and I had family obligations. TR is wanting to adapt my workouts down. For instance my next workout from Sweet Spot 4.9 to 1.1. Is it making the change because of the workout modification on Sunday or the recent FTP change? If I accept the adaptions and find them too easy can I undo them?

Likely this. Or if you haven’t done a sweet spot workout recently.

Do the 1.1 workout, if it is easy, mark it easy and the next workout will adapt to be harder.


TrainerRoad will automatically adjust down the Progression Levels when you increase the FTP.

Just try the suggested workouts and rate them as easy if you need harder ones. You can also change a workout for a harder by using the Alternatives feature. Once you have passed a workout with a higher progression level your progression level will increase. TrainerRoad will then suggest harder workouts in the future.

I always take a screenshot of the levels before accepting so I can easily see the change later.

When comparing two workouts before and after a FTP increase you might want to look at the watts and durations. 20 min at 88% might be harder than 20 min at 94% if the later was done just before you increased the FTP.

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Like other said, after an ftp change it will pull down the difficulty of upcoming workouts. However, it should not go all the way down and I think you’ve hit a bug. I’d suggest contacting support so they can sort this out for you.


PL’s do decrease but that is quite a big one. How did you change the 90 min wo to 60mins, if you used alternates and chose a productive one I don’t think it would have had a significant impact (I changed a 75mins work out to a 60mins workout that way last night and its resulted in an increase). The only thing I could think is that when you changed it your 60min wo was an ‘achievable’ or ‘recovery’ wo of a significantly lower SS PL, but perhaps its just that your increase was reasonably big compared to my experience. I would also suggest contacting support to get an understanding of why you had such a big change. FWIW I recently had a FTP increase of 3.6% and my SS PL went from 2.3 to 1.1; I then did the alternates and selected a 2.0 wo and at my new FTP its felt spot on at the lower end of what I’d expect for a SS wo. If it had felt too easy I was going to select something which was labelled as a stretch in alternates for my next SS wo. My inkling would be for you to do something like that if you get a reasonable explanation from support as to why the think the larger change is valid @GymKirk Congrats on that 7.7% increase btw :muscle:

Thanks! Gotta love newbie gains. Hope I can keep that momentum for a while.

I contacted support and am awaiting a response. In the meantime I decided to ignore the adaptions and tested myself on Truchas-3 which had a total of 8x 5min intervals at 90-95% ftp. It was uncomfortable but definitely doable. I think it was the right choice but time will tell.

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For anyone interested, I heard back from support and it was the ftp change that prompted the adaption. The adaption prevents “a sudden increase in workout intensity caused by a higher FTP. This makes your progression through your training plan smoother, more sustainable, and more effective.” Makes sense, so I accepted the suggested adaption when it was recommended on the next workout.

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