T-shirt anyone?

Hey guys and gals!

I am thinking of putting together an order of T-shirts (not TR branded of course) but of ones with some classic workout blue bar graphics on them. I saw a pic on FB recently of one and that got me excited to try to get an order together. R

I am in the US, Midwest, and would probably only ship within US at this point. Trying to gauge interest for ordering quantities and sizes.

I am thinking Mary Austin, Leconte, Petit could be fun ones to print. Who wants in??

P.S. - I did check and as long as I am not printing their logo/branding I can do it.


I’m not in the US but you need to include Baxter :laughing:


Ha! I think that would be great!

If you don’t do Recess, you have missed a golden opportunity for an inside joke.


The ramp test isn’t everyone’s favorite? :-0

When doing a large block of a single color be careful how the shirts are made. If its a plastic like paint that doesn’t allow for breathing through the material that can be very uncomfortable to wear, especially if hot out. (plus tends to not stretch and just cracks when flexed over time)


Custom completed Workout T shirts. I could dig it




Great idea, sadly not US so wouldn’t be buying but I do think it’s got legs.

Slight aside but I do find it very confusing how many of the comments on the Reddit thread don’t seem to get it, despite it being in the TrainerRoad subreddit.

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I think you’d need to do Recess -5. Plain Recess would look dumb. :crazy_face:


Thanks for the info! I’ll look into this a bit more!

Perfect! I can add that as an option! At this point I am just trying to gauge interest. There is a low limit per print so I want to make sure I don’t end up loosing too much money on the idea

One for Disaster would be good. Of course, I wouldn’t wear it unless I actually did the workout (which I haven’t). You know been there, done that, got the T-Shirt kind of thing…

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Already available: https://disaster-6.creator-spring.com/



I bought this somewhere on the internet a while back…


Cool - was not aware of that…Of course, now it kind of makes me want to do it so I can wear the shirt…Not sure I could ever complete it though…LOL.

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There are 3 versions from the original Disaster, to a roughly 3/4 and 1/2 version for people to use. We count them all when you complete them, as the “requirement” for the T-shirt. But there is no strict requirement really. It’s all for fun and to take on a new challenge.

Full Disaster

Disaster -1

Disaster -2

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Personally, I think the T’s produced for the 2018 Disaster remain the best so far:


Have to mention this thread…have a look:

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I did see that thread as well. Looks like Baxter could be a good option as well.

Spanish Needle!

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