TR Running Thread 2021

I know that they say their cleats are walkable but should you really run in them? :wink:

I’ll get my coat…


Treating 2021 as a complete throw away year for MTB, I feel no guilt doing more running. Been training up for a 40 miler for my GF’s 40th birthday in a couple months. We did 40 on my birthday, only a few weeks after she first met me and I hadn’t been running much in years, so that went badly. This year shouldn’t be as bad.

(not shown: 6800’ vertical loss. AVG 77 degrees, max 90)


Roughly 5 months out from Brighton now. Did a little TT last Saturday over half mara distance and came in with a surprising 1:35:40. Basically 4 mins slower than my PB from years and years back. That’s with literally zero speed work and off about 20 miles a week. Although I do approx 7-10 hours a week exercising across running and biking at the moment. Focus is changing from this week on though and trying to build to 6 runs a week mostly easy with 1 speedwork and 1 with 80% mara pace. I think realistically I’ve got to be aiming for something around sub 3:20. But we’ll see.

On top of the running I plan to do 2 shortish swims, couple of shortish strength session and 2 bikes. One being efforts and the other being a pleasure ride.


Looks like a pretty sweet place to run!

Maybe of interest of people in this thread…


It looks good and fair value. I’ve been using their running programme in parallel to TR’s Triathlon plans. They go well together so I’ll probably subscribe.

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‘Training’ has been a mixed bag as of late… Had planned for HM later this month but has since been cancelled… As a backup, I registered for a different HM first weekend of May. That race too has since been cancelled. Took a much needed vacation then got back with COVID.

After a few weeks off I’m just now getting back into things. This was the first time I’ve taken completely off in some time so it’s been interesting getting back into the groove of things.

I just got confirmation I’ll be running Berlin so excited to get back into things. This will also be the first time being coached. This is definitely a bucket list race and to go into it with the help of a coach I’m stoked.


Great. My left glute is acting up :frowning:

It wasnt so bad on saturday, but i did some yard work on monday and its aggravated it a lot.
I think the nerve isn’t happy and it’s shutting down my glute.
I’m trying to roll it and mobilize it and do all that good stuff.

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Welcome to the glute acting up supporting group…
is is the glute muscle or UNDER the glute?

Exciting news!
Best of luck with training!

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It’s “under” as in further inside/deeper, so i’m suspecting piriformis? Or at least that’s what Dr Google is telling me.

When i had SI syndrome it hit quite different. This is a new type of pain…i can cycle without any type of pain… but running is…hmm… let’s just say i’m scared i’m gonna have to talk another day off my streak :frowning:

This sounds very familiar to me…
Ive been battling with piriformis for a few months…

Its better now…
What works… Strenght the area and STRETCHING!
Take some time off from running!
but you need to stretch the legs and do some specific exercises for the area,

I first expirience this back in october but I was better within a few weeks…
Then in January it came back with a vengace!
Ive been without a running workout for 7 weeks now…

I signed up for the promotional 6 months for 20€, to test it out. I really wanted a triathlon plan, but no luck. But the new workout builder and library are pretty cool.

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I did a decent amount of “strenghtening” and stretching 6 days/week in jan-feb and then i stopped like an idiot (as i increased volume on cycling + running)
I’ve been looking up some stretches and seems to be along the same lines of what i was already doing for this.
With a few more added on top. I just feel stupid cause i know what to do to avoid this kind of stuff. But i don’t do it.

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I am experiencing a new ‘niggle’ and a bit of discomfort in my knee and curious if anyone has experienced this in the past.

It’s not the typical runners knee but rather a pain/discomfort following harder threshold/vo2 runs. Perhaps a result of over-striding though in my nearly 10 years of running I’ve never had over-striding issues. It’s also not caused by old or new shoes as I have a number of trainers I swap out regularly.

I felt this before my break in running and was hoping that after the time off it would go away… Did my first hard run and felt the same discomfort later that evening.


Set out this morning to have a go at the 5km TT for April. I might have another go in a couple of weekends time but we will have to see whether that happens.

A Goal: sub 20
B Goal: go for a PB if I feel its possible

In January and February I did a 5km series with my tri club with the course going from my door on a route with some hilly sections and a couple of roads to cross, so not an ideal PB course.

For this attempt I headed off to a business park that has a just more than 1km and pretty flat loop. It’s the go to area for our club if you want to test yourself in as controlled conditions as you can.

Prior to this attempt I believed that my 5km PB was 19:45. Turns out if you look on strava that run shows as 19:39 and the official results were 19:43. Either way its somewhere around there.

I’ve been doing the TR Sprint Tri Mid volume plan (deleting the swims) in prep for a duathlon on the 18th and it’s all been going reasonably well and I’ve made really good gains on the bike (FTP up to an all time high of 249) but I’ve felt like my running has rather stagnated. It’s been feeling good but times in training haven’t fallen in the way I’d have liked as the plan has progressed.

Conditions were about as close to ideal as they could have been, its a little bit of a wind trap so you’ll always get some headwind at places around the course. I set off and ran the first 500m at an unfeasible 3:44 pace before calming down. Only 1km went outside 3:58 and that was km 4 in 4:03. All up I scored a 19:45 which is the fastest I’ve gone since June 2019 (my PB run) and actually equalled what I thought my PB was at the time of the run. Would I have gone quicker if I had checked the actual time? Maybe but I definitely would have if it was in an event with people to chase.


Awesome work.

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Thanks for sharing this. I’ve always been really intrigued by Stryd and how it’s a genuine measurable format. Wind, elevation etc.

Would you guys recommend using rather than HR?

Had a good couple of weeks of slow slow running and 1 speedwork session. Work has given couple of interuptions. One thing that has got me thinking is the good ole carbon running shoe subject. When I did my half mara TT a couple of weeks back my legs were fine the following day and after and I had seen on other forums they are good at aiding recovery. That’s probably the wrong term, they are probably good at not destroying the legs. Anyway last weekend I did another half nice and slow in a pair of React Infinity and my legs were mashed after. Maybe it’s coincidence and there is some residual fatigue in the legs but I wonder if anyone else had got the same.

I like Optical HRM.
I have a polar and works great, but battery life is a bit low (maybe 7 or 8 hours)

The Rhythm+ 2 would be my choice if i was in the market.
Simple, accurate and good battery life.

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100%. Much more reliable than HR in my opinion.