TR - Possible to take it a step further?

I have really appreciated TR inviting POC folks onto the podcast lately and beginning to add different perspectives to the podcast, as well as the matching LDF donation. I had an idea that could be in the TR wheelhouse to help further contribute to combatting racism. While I certainly don’t understand the complexities of writing code, could TR build an app that works with TR/Garmin API, so that folks who wanted to, could donate a $1, for example, every time they rode/did a workout, to an organization advocating for BIPOCs? Or 10cents a mile, or some other set donation? It could be set up so at least 50% of each donation goes to an org combatting racism and other 50% could go to local cycling group/trail advocacy. Just a thought.

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Wouldn’t it be way more economic to just look up your annual workout stats and donate then to a charity of your choosing?

For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t like to be constantly buggered with donating to a charity which likely even isn’t of my choosing. Mostly because I prefer to donate locally and also have a stronger emphasis on animals and the environment.

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While it certainly would be more economical from a payment processing fees standpoint, I think most people, myself included, would not plan that far into the future as to set aside money every paycheck for 12 months to donate based on projected end of year mileage. That’s why apps like Qapital, etc. are successful - they help people automatically save small amounts a little at a time, making goals more attainable. The same would be true for what I was proposing. And the whole point of the proposal was a staunch and strong commitment to anti-racism and supporting BIPOCs orgs. So since you prefer donating to local animal/wildlife orgs, this would probably not be your cup of tea.

Errrrm yeah, welcome to the forum.

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Setting up a monthly transfer to your preferred charity or movement takes seconds. It’s super easy and most importantly also super cheap. It allows your preferred organisation to rely on a stable and steady income stream. Pretty much what they desperately need.

Adding a donation option to TrainerRoad wouldn’t allow for any of those advantages. Though it would bring plenty of disadvantages. It would cost money, it wouldn’t be cost effective, it would result in a less reliable income stream for the organizations, and it would also expose TrainerRoad to certain risks related to the movements actions.

As I have mentioned beforehand, it would also completely neglect the fact that charities and movements are super personal. What’s dear and near to one persons heart might not be for another person. As money is limited for most of us we, after all, have to decide which cause we can to support.

Constantly getting a cause rubbed into your face you currently don’t and perhaps cannot support isn’t any good. I at least would discontinue that service.