TR plan combined with Onnit 6 Kettlebell - Too much?

Hey everyone - I was hoping to get some advice, perspective or opinion on something I am noticing lately. This is my 4th winter with Trainer Road and it has certainly become something I will do for the foreseeable future. I customized my training plan to prepare for the The Mid South 100 mile gravel ride in mid-March of this year.

As I have been progressing on the trainer, I also decided to incorporate the six week Onnit 6 kettelbell training program as well, as this is a program I have done several times and I have always found the benefits in terms of strength, posture and mobility to be better than any gym experience that I have ever had. The Onnit 6 program - if you are not familiar - is a 7 day program that goes as follows: Strength, Strength, Yoga, Strength, Strength, Yoga, Recovery. I always start it on Mondays. The strength days always begin with 15 minutes of stretching, 25-30 minutes of Tabata or Every-Minute-On-The-Minute and finally a 15 minute cool down stretch. The emphasis here is that I’ll rarely go over a 12kg kettlebell, as the pace is merciless and it will always reduce me to a pulp.

Here is the issue that I am beginning to notice. As my training on the bike ramps up, which is certainly my priority, and I am two weeks into my most recent Onnit 6 period, I am noticing that the lunges, squats, etc are absolutely ROASTING my legs. When it comes time for my long ride on Saturday, I am reduced to rubble. Can’t move out of my own way. This is no good, as I would like to be putting in some good rides on the weekend to get my head (and butt) in gear for what will be a long day in March.

Seems that obviously, 4 days of kettlebell strength is too much, however, the benefits to strength training are clear (absolute fountain of youth).

What strength load, if even strength excercises, would better compliment my riding?


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Consider this enormous topic which I think will answer most of your questions.

Short answer, you may want to reduce your KB load whilst in the build phase of your TR training

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