TR Outdoor Plan Breakdown - Support

Really new to TR and coming up to my first outdoor training session with the platform.

1. How do you remember the outdoor workouts? Any clever ideas (post-it notes on the top tube etc.) that have helped you?

2. I cannot seem to make sense of this workout on paper so it all fits into the 90 minutes prescribed.
How do I break this down and interpret this style of prescribed workout?

Thank you for taking the time :call_me_hand:

If you have a Garmin head unit, you can send the TR workout over, where it will execute as a Structured Workout. That will take care of all the lap timings and display power targets for you for each step.

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Like @mcalista said, if you have a Garmin or a Wahoo head unit, TR will send the workout to the unit and it will prompt you with the intervals and display the targets for you to hit. I’ve never done them analogue for the reasons you mention in your post.

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Digging through the workout library, this would appear to be Starlight -2???

If so, each set is 3 minutes @ 222, followed by 2 minutes @ 246, followed by 3 minutes @ 222, followed by 2 minutes @ 246. Total set length = 10 minutes. And there are 3 sets.


That TrainerRoad video gives a quick overview of how a head unit is used for outdoor TR workouts.

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@mcalista thanks for that, that does now make total sense!

Unfortunately, I have a Garmin Edge 1000 and not compatible from what I’ve seen, so left to do it a little more old-school until I upgrade.

Thanks @JulianFishtown , looks as though I am due for a workout form my Garmin Edge 1000 in this case

Garmin Devices Compatible with Outside Workouts – TrainerRoad

It should work OK for you.

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The Edge 1000 does appear to support Structured Workouts. Edge 1000 - Workouts

Not sure if you will get the fancy graphs that the x30 series generate, but you should still get interval timers.


Until recently, when I got a new computer, I did all my work outs on the 1000, its perfectly compatible. If you have your Garmin and TR accounts linked. You just need to change the wo to outside and within 5mins its sent to the 1000s calendar for you to see.

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You only get the target bar but as you say it’s perfectly compatible.

Got it to work on the Garmin Edge 1000 now. Thanks to all for the help! Really keen to give it a go