Strava sync issues?

Anyone having TR->Strava sync issues? I’m getting the blinking green “Processing on Strava” light that doesn’t go away.

Have you contacted TR support about the issue?

Outside of that, many people have some success by disconnecting & re-connecting their TR/Strava connection in the sync page. I’d give that a try if you haven’t already tried it.

Have had this on one of my workouts a while back, just wouldn’t sync. Rides after that were fine so I just manually uploaded that ride to Strava.

Having the same issue right now, disconnecting and connecting did not resolve it.

The Strava symbol for my ride just keeps blinking green.

Same, my ride didn’t sync to Strava

Strava has some issues right now (I also have a strava integration with problems as well as one other software vendor I talked to). The solution seems to be to logout of strava from TR and log back in.

Interestingly, my TR workout uploaded to Strava last night. But I nuke the TR file from there to make room for my Zwift file I run in parallel, and the Zwift upload failed at Strava.

Disconnected and reconnected Strava in the TR settings yesterday and todays ride synced successfully with ~1-2min delay.

Had to upload yesterdays ride manually, it never synced.