TR had said adaptation pending for two weeks…what’s up with that?

My TR calendar on my iPad or laptop are both stuck in an adaptation pending phase. I have to find a train now workout to have a ride.

I’ve restarted on both devices and still says adaptation pending on my calendar for every ride this week.

What’s it doing?

I think this is one for support: they can look into it and tell you exactly what’s up.


Hey @TreyT!

When you click into Adaptations Pending, and arrive at the page below (or similar on the app), are you selecting 1) “Skip These Adaptation” in the bottom left corner 2) “Accept Adaptations” in the bottom right corner, or 3) “X” in the top right corner?

Are you able to accept or skip the adaptations in on website?

Let me know and we can take it from there :slight_smile: .

Hi there. Mine looks nothing like that. They’re all greyed out whether on my laptop or iPad. There is no option to skip or accept. There has been historically, but not anymore. You can see Fletcher -1 is not greyed out because I did it today. Now on the 13th I have Pettit showing up but everything else still greyed out.

Nevermind, my dumbass figured it out sorry lol

No problem at all! If you click on Adaptations Pending, you will be given the option to accept or skip adaptations :slight_smile: .