Pending Adaptations Not Showing Up

Anybody else not able to select the preview for Pending Adaptations? I have pending adaptations but can’t access them via web browser or TR windows app.

Email for help.

I already did. FYI, after reboot, I was able to accept the adaptations but was not able to see what they were until after I accepted them.

Ive had it once but after 5mins it came up with something like ‘awe snap :slightly_frowning_face:’ and/or ‘try again’

The forum is a great place to discuss training, cycling, nutrition, and to share TrainerRoad experiences, but isn’t the best place to ‘get to the bottom of’ an issue. Support knows best and is the quickest to provide up-to-date info (and in this instance, the action items to help restore your adaptations or visibility to them). :sunglasses:

From the ‘Welcome to the TrainerRoad Forum’ Page:
Have a question about the app, your training plan, or device? Reach out to instead of posting here. Our support team has the best visibility and insight into your devices, workouts and adaptations, and will help get you the most efficient and effective answer to your question.

Closing this thread to prevent further confusion for other athletes experiencing this, and to reduce some forum clutter for the many threads like this. Cheers!