"Checking Adaptions" is stuck

“Checking Adaptions” is stuck and never stops (on Android mobile phone app). Been like this for a few days. Tried uninstall and re-install but no difference. Just me? Any suggestions?

Have you emailed support@trainerroad.com for help?


When you reinstalled did you download the current version (which is actually the previous version as the latest version was causing that I think). I had the same problem (hanging on checking adaptations), hopefully doing that has sorted it. Although I’ve not used TR for a few days to confirm.

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Not as yet, but will do. Assumed they might be having some time off for the holiday. Thought to ask here in case there was known solution.

Reinstall was the 3 Dec version from App Store.

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I don’t know if that was the one that was causing the problem but you might try getting the latest. Good luck :+1:

I had this exact problem a few days ago. A quick email conversation with the support team fixed the situation.


Fixed for me now. Was advised to delete an old holiday time-off period that had upset things for my account. This worked and AT is fine again.
Support person said they will be looking into fixing the bug that caused it.