Adaptive Training bug? [Adaptation Preview Delay]

anyone has this bug? the adaptive preview was applied automatically even though I didnt click on ok. happened many times already.

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There is a known issue here.

For some reason, there is now a HUGE delay between the moment you click/tap to see the recommended adaptations and the actual display of those recommendations.

  • That delay leads people to click/tap that same location on the screen again, because they think they didn’t get it appropriately the first time.
  • Then, when TR finally gets to the point of showing the adaptations, that second click/tap gets taken as the “Approval” and accepts the adaptation immediately.

I’ve seen it mentioned at least once (maybe twice), but will tag @IvyAudrain just to be sure this is on the TR radar.

For now, you have to just be VERY PATIENT and know that you clicked/tapped it the first time. It seriously feels like forever, but the pending adaptations will eventually show and allow review, that you can then click/tap to approve or reject. Just be careful not to hit it twice.


YES this is a high-priority bug the team is working on, thanks for looping me in Chad.

Sorry for the trouble, we’re jammin to fix this.