TR graph "dropouts" for Outdoor MTB spin

I seem to notice this issue quite a bit when my outdoor MTB spin is uploaded automatically to TR.
From image attached, you can see a lot of gaps in the TR elevation profile but these don’t seem to correlate to any issue in the Garmin profile.
Anyone seen anything familiar?
If I added up all the gaps it could be about 20 mins of data that is “missing” - so this may affect the TSS for the workout.
Or maybe it’s just “visually” missing from the chart but all the data points are actually available in the background data?
Any inputs welcome!

It looks like you stopped each time there’s a “dropout” because your heart rate is lower after each gap. You probably have your Garmin set to auto pause when your speed drops below a minimum value. Same thing happens if you manually pause. No data recorded during pauses, that’s literally the point of them.

There are three ways to graph your data. The horizontal axis can be:

  • distance traveled (pauses don’t count)
  • moving time (pauses don’t count)
  • elapsed / clock time (pauses do count)

TR uses elapsed time because it matters physiologically if you took a bunch of breaks or not. That green graph is graphing moving time, but it might be configurable to graph elapsed time instead.

I disable auto pause and I only manually pause for very long stops (more than 10 minutes). The missing data from the pauses is valuable to see heart rate recovery. TR already takes advantage of HR data to some extent and they may do so even more in the future.


I believe this above is very likely.

In addition to that, notive the “Time / Distance” option buttons at the top left. Just like Strava, you can toggle this switch and see the ride in two different ways.

The current "Time’ setting seems to correlate with deliberate or unintended “stops” via manual or auto stop function.

If you swap to “Distance” it should show as continuously but hane more noticeable HR jumps per the hints above.

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thanks @huges84 and @mcneese.chad - that makes sense to me as I needed to stop a few times to clear fallen debris from the trails

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