Trainer Road Data is off (inflated?) compared to Training Peaks and Garmin Connect

Looked back at previous posts on this and consulted with TR customer support and still a work in progress.

I race using a Garming Edge 520 then it Bluetooths my race through Garmin Connect (GC) then to Training Peaks (TP) and Training Road (TR), although i do not know the software order this occurs.

This is specifically in regards to POWER, because my HR data is the same through ALL 3 sties. Looking back on my last two races my GC and TP data is very similar in terms of AP, NP and IF. Yet my TR profile has my NP 30-40 watts higher and therefore my IF quite a bit higher as well, even though the AP looks farily similar between the three.

I have heard and read that this may have something to do with how the “gaps” are calculated, but which site should i take as being accurate. My last race my TR NP was 261 whereas my TP was 219, that’s a pretty big difference. Any help is greatly appreciated.

For some reason I find that my NP and TSS are a few points lower on outdoor rides.

Data goes into Garmin Connect, then Garmin syncs to TP and TR.

I’ve disabled auto-pause on my Garmin 520 and now 530, and that seems to have resulted in fewer issues comparing data across the 3 sites.

When I do have an issue with TR’s power data, it can be ‘resolved’ by selecting near the beginning to the end. In other words in TR leave out the first 30-seconds and it then it agrees with TP/GC. Therefore when TR doesn’t agree, I play games with zooming in to most of data. As a result I don’t trust TR when it doesn’t agree with TP/GC.

That doesn’t happen too often, after I turned off auto-pause (there are other good reasons to disable auto-pause). The bigger annoyance is TR’s elevation data is always inflated.

Not power data inflation you guys are experiencing, but I noticed some discrepancies with my data too. I just raced Barry Roubaix and TR says I climbed 5,100 feet while my Garmin says 3,500. According to the official course map, the Garmin data is accurate.

I live in pancake flat area and have many sub 100 feet rides that TR shows as 400+ feet.

The most humorous TR elevation inflation - ‘family rides’ recorded on Apple Watch and exported as FIT files. Here is TR view of a family ride a couple weeks ago:

4752 feet of ‘climbing’ on a flat ride :rofl:

Same data in Strava:


and TrainingPeaks:

FWIW we stopped to buy lunch, rode to a park, ate lunch, and then kept riding. Never stopped recording.

Back to the thread topic…

I also race with a 520 but I’ve not seen 10-20W discrepancies before, only 1-2W.

Have you checked that your FTP is set to the same value in Garmin, TP and TR? That could affect the IF but not NP I suppose, but it’s the only thing I’ve had trouble with that I can think of.

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@JoeX others have seen and reported it, just do a quick search like this one:

I don’t see it often, but have seen the issue. “Cropping” the ride in TR web app fixes it, I believe it has something to do with having a power surge within the first 30 seconds of start (or restarting due to auto-pause). Not sure if that is true or not, just my vague recollection and knowing I was able to see NP drop when removing the first 30 seconds of the ride (which makes some sense because NP is calculated using 30-sec rolling averages).

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Yes, that was the first thing i checked and all of them were the same.

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