TR crashing often

Hi there,
Not sure if happen with more people but I am getting demotivated with TR - Often my app crashes and the power stay frozen when using erg mode.
Yesterday and today when doing some hard workouts the app crashed and the power was frozen, no going down when I had to recover…when this happen is a bit demotivating specially when in a middle of a more demanding workout as there is no way to continue as I have to restart TR.
I using a Tacx Neo with Samsung S7 - does anyone has similar issue?

Have you contacted directly?

I suggest doing that if you haven’t, because they can diagnose the log files and get to the source of the issue better that way.

I am using a Galaxy S6 phone with various trainers (H2, Kickr17, and Neo 2) via BLE, and have no stability issues.

Hi Chad,
I haven t I was just look for some feed back to try to understand if more people has the issue or if could be from my setup.
I will contact support know.
Thanks for the advice.