Tacx neo losing control from TR, started this week

Reporting an issue that started this week for me.
Usually everything is working rock solid, but this week I’ve had issues where erg was not controlling the trainer when intervals change or overhearing it

Thursday my ss interval chugged all the way up to ftp power and then slowly returned to the right level. During that ride in the warm-up it didn’t increase power on the third step

And just today during my rest, I felt a thud in the pedals (assuming that’s when it disconnected) and when the next interval started the power never increased.

There are only 2 variables that changed this week. I started using a wahoo tickr chest strap instead of my Garmin wrist hrm. Or it is in the latest TR updates.

OOF. Im sorry to hear this. With any issue of this nature when things work and then suddenly don’t, best practice is to reach out to the support team (support@trainerroad.com) so they can look at your ride log, those ERG commands, and help isolate the source of the issue. It could be a number of things; a device dropout, a firmware update may be needed, etc., so they’ll run through any possible scenario that could be causing it.
Helpful information to include with your inquiry is your TR username, all the equipment you’re working with, and the last workout date where you experienced the issue. They’ll sort you out!

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