TR 2020 Running Thread

No…but if I start running again, I will! :joy:


+1 on Jack Daniels. I use his methods for all my running. It’s simple a straight forward.


Thank you all for the advise. I’ll be grabbing the Jack Daniels book first, then I’ll check out more literature.

2nd workout.
8x400s All of them under 85. But non faster than 82. Today I was feeling slightly more slugish than last week. Not sure if i got complacent running with my buddy ahead of me and assuming he was running much faster than me. He was basically running what the pace i needed. I was always a step or 2 behind him. Regardless I still hit the goal of at least 5k goal pace.
4x200s here I let it be and really tries to push it. times were 38, 37, 36 and 33. They were all basically racing each other. The last one they guy who beat the shit out of us did around 29s. I did 33 and almost died… My cadence was 240 steps per minute. I was told i looked like a hamster in a wheel :man_shrugging: :rofl:


Aren’t 400m repeats just the peach? 200s feel so easy afterwards…


Agree… Knowing that I had only 4 to go and they are short, gives you a slight boost in speed… its magical!

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Im doing the ZA Tri Academy run workouts at the moment, 2/week plus a real run or virtual race at the weekend.

I havent seen my heart rate so high since jan/feb!