Overall data anywhere?

hey, is there anyway in TR an overview of the overall data about my rides?

  • total duration
  • avg duration
  • total tss
  • average IF
  • avg heartrate
  • total cal


Nothing like that available within TR. You will need to use another app or service for that (Training Peaks, Garmin Connect, Strava, Intervals.icu, etc.)


thank you - what a pity. Would it be so difficult to summarize all the data which is right there with TR?

A someone with a tiny knowledge on programming, “not that difficult” or “easy” are unrealistic to apply without direct knowledge of the intricacies within each system. What seems simple can often prove to be very complex.

Not saying it shouldn’t be available, but it’s hard to know the difficulty without much more info than we have as outside users. That said, this basic question has come up before (I searched and couldn’t find a relevant post with a quick search), and is a fine idea. I think it is worthwhile, but have no idea how that request fits with all the other stuff they may be working on behind the scenes.

For now, best to take advantage of the other options available, if you really want the data in the near future.