Metrics of an outdoor ride

Hello there,
i have a question to uploaded outdoor rides and the analysis of those. So instead of a prescribed easy spin on the turbo i used the nice weather to go outside. After the ride i uploaded my file to the calender in TrainerRoad. When looking at the numbers in TR, TrainingPeaks and wahoo app (on my phone which syncs my ride to dropbox) i noticed a big difference.

My question is why do i see such big difference in TR and e.g. TrainingPeaks. My average speed is way lower and same happens with my average power. Of course I had a short break during my outdoor ride. I assume TrainerRoad takes the file as a whole ride and is counting the breaks as well :thinking:

greetings Chris.

Hey Chris,

You are correct! You are most likely seeing differences in your rides due to how each app deals with the data from your ride.

For example, TR will show all of your raw data that was pulled from the ride, and everything is calculated from there. If you happen to have any spots in your rides that you stop moving, but do not pause the workout, those zeros will still be included in your ride’s data and affect your averages. While in apps like Strava, those periods of time that you are resting can be removed from your ride data during the upload. Therefore causing those differences to occur.

The best thing to do to get your ride data to be consistent across the board would be to make sure your FTP and weight settings are the same in all your apps, and that you have auto-pause enabled on your cycling head unit. That way, when you stop, your apps will know it, and your TSS, calories, etc. will be calculated accurately.

I hope that helps! If you would like one of our support agents to look into your rides to check for any bugs please submit a support request to and we would be happy to take care of it!


sorry for not responding any earlier. As far as I know, my head unit is on auto pause but i still have the problem. Thing is this effects my TSS and IF as well. It seams TR is using the whole time data and calculates from there.


Hey Chris,

Thanks for getting back to me. :smile:

I looked at some of your rides, and I definitely saw some strange activity going on with your data. For this reason, I am going to open up a support ticket with you, that way we can look into this issue a little deeper.

So, expect an follow-up email from TR Support very soon!


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Hey Tucker,
thanks for responding so fast and of course for opening a support Ticket. The reason why I asked in general is, I would like to use TR Calendar for tracking my indoor and outdoor rides. As soon as the weather gets better I do my very best to try my intervals outside and therefore it is helpful to compare the IF and TSS of my rides.

I use the TSS for my complete week and IF for each ride. For last week TR said my TSS is 572 while the free version of TrainingPeaks said something about 643 which is absolutely too high for the actual planed 528 TSS from the Plan. :face_with_monocle:

So I just need to know what are the numbers I should count on.

The Intervalls outside are tracked great but I think each pause is counted and fundamental for the counting of IF and TSS. Furthermore on my Headunit I activated auto pause.

Thank you,
Greetings Chris

No worries! I am happy to help. :smile:

Since TSS is derived from one’s FTP, it is crucial that you have your FTP set correctly for all your training apps. That will make sure that you are getting the correct IF, and TSS, data from your rides.

Additionally, it may help to make sure that your Garmin is set to 1-Second Recording. That will ensure that you are getting all of your data from your rides, as accurately as possible.

That being said, I recommend only using one training program to seriously “track” your training. In the end, the one that give your the most consistency in your training will provide you with the greatest benefit.

I hope that helps!