TrainerRoad statistics (Feature Request)

I have a feature request/suggestion:

Not an urgent must-have, but I would like to be able to see more data on my TR career page on the website. For instance (please excuse if feature is already existing):

  • Training Plan history and fulfilment status
  • Most frequently done workout
  • Time spent in zones across workouts
  • Breakdown of workout types done (SS vs. threshold vs. VO2max, etc.)
  • Aborted workouts
  • Filter option for years, seasons, periods for the above

Just some more simple statistics on how I have spent my time on TR so far.

Not sure whether that would be of interest to anybody else…


Thanks for the suggestion!

I think a lot of these metrics could be really useful in analyzing your past and present performance, and how it relates to your consistency/ training quality. I will pass this suggestion onto the team.


Great suggestions! To add to your list, I would love to see a simple table that summarizes power PRs across standard timeframes. It’s great to see the graph and the granularity, but there are key timeframes we all refer to - 1hr, 20min, 5min, 1min, 15sec, 1sec peak, etc.

When I finish a workout and it tells me I had 43 Personal Records, ranging from 27:35 to 3:17, it’s not really all that helpful, you know what I mean?

The career page is a great place to really have a drilled down analysis of our training journeys. Thanks for the great work thus far :slight_smile: