Top podcast on Strength Training and Conditioning

Got to share a great podcast from Scientific Triathlon on Strength Trainiong.

I think all their podcasts are good but this is an exceptionally interesting one in my opinion and relevant to all of us.

Kudos to @Mikael_Eriksson for producing so many top episodes per year.


I will have a listen - I assume that a good 90% of the recommendations would be relevant for people just doing cycling?

I started strength training this off-season doing 2 sessions a week, but as my cycling ramps up towards race season, I’m interested in hearing how I can get best bang for my buck out of a single weekly session.

The podcast addresses exactly that challenge @martinheadon

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Really interesting. One point that came out by omission rather than inclusion is that they don’t talk about tricep strength. Instead they talk about using “pulling” exercises to strengthen the back and take the pressure off the arms.

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Thanks for sharing!