Top 3 Z2 TR Workouts

Merry Christmas TrainerRoaders!

Title says it all. What are all of yours Top 3 Z2 workouts on TR that make you feel awesome and made you feel like you did something meaningful and with purpose?



For me the endurance rides I enjoy are Hawk Mountain for a more blocky approach, or something like Beehive/Brasstown/Hatch/Perkins. They are all 2 hour rides, I need that to feel like I accomplished something with Z2, if I do Pettit etc. it feels like I’m only doing it to fill a TSS gap, I don’t really feel like I’ve accomplished anything when I’m done

Oh, you’re saucy! :laughing:


Perkins or Baxter+2 - has to be varied if I’m to do 2 hours zone 2 on the trainer - anything longer has to be outside and if I need more TSS then it will have to be 2 hours SS not a longer trainer zone 2 ride I’m afraid… :grimacing:

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Spoke with my coach yesterday and it looks like its time for the good stuff!

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I struggle with long trainer sessions and the thought of doing Z2 for 2+ hours is the stuff of nightmares. If I’m honest, I only do the shorter Z2 sessions on the trainer to ensure I’m good to go for the harder workouts.

My favourites are:

Colosseum -1
Echo -5

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Collins -0.5

Custom workout I made based on the duration of Collins (75 minutes) and the profile (up then down) and intensity of Pettit. Fits perfectly in my mornings before work on easy days.

Carter -1

Another custom workout when I’m a bit more crunched for time. I much prefer the “up then down” changes in intensity rather than getting harder at the end again.

I like the free rides too. The one criticism I have with some TR workouts is the random structure. I’d rather see a slow building negative split Z2 ride, so you just make it with free ride. Some of the rides do it, others don’t.

I like these and Baxter is my go to.

Wow, interesting workouts, i will definitely try them. But are these two really still Z2? Seem rather intense.

I wish I could call North Pack a Z2 ride :exploding_head:

I really like those with sprints thrown in such as Bays+1. Breaks up the time well and makes the Z2 “intervals” seem like spinning in prep for a nice sprint.




Lol yourself :slight_smile: my question was aiming exactly at this: why would these workouts be posted in a Z2 thread?

Sorry, I was agreeing with you.
Didn’t mean it to come across like that.

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Dang, no outside workout option though :thinking:

I have done and am doing a lot of zone 2 work and for me, it really depends. Sometimes, I can just zone out and watch something and sometimes I need to keep being engaged. That said, I’d say:

  1. Laurentian, Allegheny, Appalachian, Potuo etc. when I’m feeling well and don’t want many pace changes;
  2. Baxter, Perkins etc. when every minute is a pain in the ass (sometimes literally haha :D) and I need to be entertained by the workout and simply can’t stand outside entertainment;
  3. Race specific workouts like Conness, Hoffmann (and + variations) and workouts like Izaak Walton, Wheel etc. These may not be classified as pure zone 2, but include a lot of zone 2 work inbetween (I sometimes add more at the end).
    All are fun in their way :wink: