Which 2hr indoor workout to replace an outdoor 4hr endurance ride?

I realise that all 3 of them will be good but if you had to choose just 1 indoor 2hr weekend trainer session instead of getting outside for a 4hr endurance ride which would you prefer to do…

  • Boarstone
  • Baxter +2
  • Antelope +5
  • Another

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I can’t find a workout that fits exactly, but if I was reducing time from 4 to 2 hours, I might keep it in zone 2 but throw in some seated stomp sprints.

Boarstone +1 is pretty close though ideally I’d want the sprints spread out a bit more.

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I would personally choose something like galena +3 or round bald +3. Guess it comes down to either keeping it aerobic for that day or getting the same(ish) effect by choosing SS


None of those will replace 4 hours of zone 2 there is not enough TSS - you would need 2 hours of quite tough SS - Wright peak -1 or full version maybe or probably best of all Tallac+4. Even so I’m not convinced the training affect would be exactly similar but they are probably the best options.


I would go for Wright Peak +1. 30 min longer than your time frame but certainly good to match 4 hours of endurance tss.

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I had good success with Cloudripper, Sengar, Wheel type workouts

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Today I chose Galena +3. I’m doing some long gravel racing this spring and figured that amount of time @ SS would do me good. The roads here are a slushy, salty mess and I can’t bring myself to do 3-4 hour endurance rides on the trainer.

It will - just try and get out for Z2 road rides when weather permits…I’m off out tomorrow in the UK - but if the weather is rubbish then 2 hours of tough SS is a good substitute SOME of the time.


Depends on what your goal(s) are. Just looking to do 2hrs of Z2 indoors? Boarstone. TSS wise it’s probably equivalent to 3 hr outdoor, depending.

If your looking purely at replicating the TSS then you’ll have to ride tempo or sweet spot, but you might get a different aerobic affect.

Those look like nice rides that break up the endurance blocks.

I did 4.5 hrs on the trainer today (and 4 last sunday) as a substitute for the 2hr SSB2 HV workout. It’s a different kind of tough from the sweet spot work mentally and physically but hoping I get some long aerobic adaptations. Gonna try for 5hrs next week to end the base phase!


Disaster -2 :ghost:


Just comparing the tss can be misleading, because 4h Z2 targets a different energy system and fatigues your muscle fibers differently.
If you have the time and it’s only due to the weather, you could do a brick session with 2h outside and 2h on the trainer.
Or 2h in the morning and 2h in the evening.
2h with sweet spot as a replacement is in my opinion only a good option, if you don’t have the time to ride longer.

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Today I did Juneau -1 which might fit the bill?

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Round Bald +2 – do the tempo intervals closer to 80% FTP and lower your RPM to 65-75.

You’re welcome :wink:

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Tallac +4…:grin::grin:

Actually did this today and carried out Round Bald +2, been doing SS base 1 and continuing my 20 min Efforts from this weeks seemed the sensible way to go.

yep if you have 2 hours that is the best!

I like Baxter because the frequent changes make you adjust over the duration. Less boredom…

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Try Balcony it is an aerobic endurance training workout

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