Tongue Pain after big rides

Does anyone else get tongue pain particularly after long rides. Having done a hard 490TSS ride yesterday my tongue is covered is blisters/ulcers. I’m not sure if this is sugar, dust or air flow drying it out (or all of the above). Does anyone else have this issue and any good ideas to prevent it

Sounds pretty painful. I have had a dry mouth but never to that extent. Have you tried chewing gum or something like life savers? i hate the idea of having something in my mouth in the event of crashing and involuntary swallowing and choking on it. Something to keep your salivary glands active. during longer rides. Might want to ask your doctor if they have anything they can recommend for dry mouth condition. Obviously it sounds like you have long efforts that cause you to breath through your mouth for extend periods of time. I cant imagine it would be an allergic reaction to something you drink or eat because that would appear regardless of the length of the ride.

Ive noticed numb tongue lately after hard rides - and I’ve never had it for years prior. I haven’t gotten to the bottom of it myself but thinking different bike foods may be the cause.

Suggest dropping whats in your bottle and just going with water for a bit.

If that doesn’t work - try new bottles (could be a reaction).

If that doesn’t work - doctor time.

This might seem like a “duh” question, but do you happen to bite your tongue during really hard efforts? I’ve gotten ulcers inside my bottom lip in the past, and didn’t realize how hard I sometimes bite down below my bottom lip when I’m frustrated/pissed/working hard on the bike until one day I realized I was doing it.