Sore Palate After 12+ hr Ride

Hi, All. I thought I was crazy or experiencing something unique but I saw a thread on Reddit yesterday that made me believe otherwise.

I just completed the Climb to Kaiser (thanks TR, couldnt have done it without the plans) which took me 12+hrs. The first time I tried to eat real food after the ride, my mouth/throat was sore…no big deal. The next morning I woke up with an incredibly sore palate. I lost sleep last night because of the pain.

Like I said, some folks on Reddit indicated that this is a thing when doing ultra endurance events. Have any of you experienced this? Any idea of what caused it? Anything you did to get rid of it?

It feels like a weird thing to ask. I expected my legs to hurt the day after but, definitely not my mouth. Anyways, here we are.


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Never heard of it in my limited number of ultra events, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real. Hope you feel better soon!

Congrats on finishing the C2K!
(on my bucket list :grinning: )

Don’t really have an explanation but when I used to run Ultras I had sore tongue issues. Found that I used to force my tongue to the roof of my mouth for long periods of time during training and races. Had to really work on not doing it. Was never too sore that it hurt to eat but was pretty uncomfortable.

I had the exact same thing after a 15 hour ride I did 3 weeks ago. Hard to describe, back of the roof? Went away after a few days but made eating hard during that time. No idea what caused it.

Wow. Glad to see I’m not the only one. I just completed a 4-hour mountain bike race last weekend. When I finished, the roof of my mouth (soft palate area) was really sore! It was hard to eat for the rest of the afternoon, and it was slightly sore in the morning. Spicy foods really hurt, so I assume this area was raw. I had forgotten this same issue occurred after this 4-hour race last year.

I can only attribute it to extended periods of mouth breathing… hard breathing with my mouth open. I don’t know what to do differently next time.

Any ideas?



i though i was alone here
I had the same issue 2 years ago after completing a tri race (1/3 or an ironman).
I was assuming it was all the gels plus sugar i have eaten during the race.
it has not happen since.

I have found this an issue when i drink a lot of citrus flavored electrolye/energy drink.
I swap drinking plain water for one drink and energy/electrloyte for another to wash the palate.

I get this the odd time. When I researched it I found out that the issue is dehydration. Specifically your saliva glands have been drained. If you eat your body tries to activate them. Given they are drained it causes this pain as per the usual something-ain’t-right-here signal your body prefers. Solution drink tonnes before eating. I am not sure if swilling helps re-hydrate the saliva glands or not.

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I tend to get this after every 8 hour + day generally it’s the most painful part of my body after a big ride. I’d read something about mouth breathing drying out your mouth and dust particles etc. irritating it.