Today's ride question?

The ride of the day is Jepson I have some extra time to do additional riding (all day). I’m in SSBMV2 week 3. So over the past weekend I missed Clark and Hunter 1.5 and 2hour rides. Since I have the time should I

  1. just stick to the plan
  2. extend Jepson today’s ride
  3. go back and do Clark 1.5hr
  4. go back Hunter 2hr

Which one and why? Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I would do Clark if I was you, maybe with some endurance riding afterwards. Clark has both a high TSS and a high intensity, so it would be a good choice :+1:. Also, the demands aren’t too different from Jepson that you’re replacing, so you aren’t “missing out” on developing a certain energy system.

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