Finding an alternate for the Leconte workout (SSB Low Vol II)

I’m working through the “SSB Low Vol II” training plan and have “failed” the last prolonged workout (90minutes - Mary Austin -1). “Failed” means that I had to pause a couple of times…but I finished it while reducing the intensity to 90%.

This weekend I have another prolong workout, “Leconte”, which is even harder. I want to find an alternative to it as I believe its beyond my current fitness level. Note that I’m able to successfully complete all the other workouts so I don’t want to reduce my FTP.

My question is when finding an alternative to Leconte, should I go for another 90 minute workout? Or should I go for “Leconte -1” or “Leconte -2” which are shorter in duration?

Not to be discouraging, but you’ve got Spencer +2 and Lamarck to get through first!

All I would note is that it is possible to complete every workout in SSB2 up to Mary Austin and have your FTP set too high.

See how Spencer +2 and Lamarck go. If you struggle with those, maybe re-assess and bring your FTP down a bit.


Plus one to @martinheadon’s comment about Lamarck

If you can’t finish Lamarck without turning the intensity down, your FTP is definitely set too high.


Not sure if I’m missing something, but none of the SSB LV2 rides are 120 minutes. Mary Austin -1 and Leconte are “only” 90 minutes? Still, 90 minutes are the long rides on the LV2 plan, so perhaps the issue is you just haven’t built up enough fatigue resistance? Or, maybe aren’t fueling properly. I can crank out basically all the 60 minute rides fasted with no food, but not all of the 90 minutes rides, and especially not these capstone rides. It’s important to know which rides need serious nutrition considerations for you.

I’ve pretty much just finished these rides in from the SSB MV2 side, so they’re pretty fresh in my mind. The threshold/overunder workouts are definitely draining, both from an intensity perspective and interval duration. My take was Spencer+2 was way easier than Mary Austin -1, which was pretty hard, but not as bad as the reputation is seems to have acquired would suggest. Lamarck and Leconte were both much harder, but I never thought about adjusting the intensity, either. If you had to drop MA-1 to 90% that does not bode well for Lamarck or Leconte.

I personally found it helps a ton to have the even longer 2hr sweetspot rides with intervals in the 15+ minute range, which makes the threshold 10 minute ones just fly by in comparison. Since you’re on the LV plan, the 2hr rides are probably a stretch, but maybe take a timeout this week and do some sweetspot workouts with 15-20 minute intervals in the low/mid 90%. For example, Eichorn, Wrangell -2, Mount Goode -2, or Rainbow -1.

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Whoops… I meant 90 minutes. I corrected my original post :slight_smile:

Why not trying Mary Austin -1 again instead of Leconte and try to finish it this time without reducing intensity?
The first time I went through the whole base/build/specialty cycle I also struggled with some of the over/unders in base and the threshold workouts. Second time around it seemed more manageable. I feel trainerroad also strengthens your mental capacity to deal with discomfort. These workouts are physically possible to perform if your ftp has been tested properly and you’re well rested and not getting sick.


I just finished that week of SSBLV2, and failed at the end of Mary Austin - so I know what you mean.

The only workouts I had real difficulties with were the 90min ones - I struggled with the end of Palisade (altough I did ok with it in SSBLV1, at a lower FTP), I blew up at the end of Mary Austin -1, and did not finish Clark (but that was more of a time available than blowup thing). I finished everything else, including Lamarck. I reduced Leconte by 3% after the first 2x10 min, would never have finished it otherwise.

So. I’d suggest you try it - but the 10% reduction needed on MA is a lot. Give it a shot, worst that can happen is you blow up…

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I’d second the idea of doing Mary Austin again. Also make sure your recovery is on point, coming in overly fatigued will make these difficult workouts so much harder.

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Laconte is one of the hardest workout in TR, IMHO. I am still trying to beat my records on Laconte.

if I were you, I would not give up. Finish the workout even if you have to lower the intensity. Continue with your other workouts until the end of week and then re-visit it and crash it.

Your body just needs to adjust.

You can do it, dont give up!

good luck


Voorstag is one step down from Leconte and MA-1