Therapist or dietitian recommendations

Hi Team!

I have come to the realization that I could really benefit from the outside counsel of both a therapist (mental health) and a dietitian. This week’s podcast as well as the successful athletes episode with Alex Sandilands hammered this home. In particular, it’s important to me to find someone who understands endurance sports and ideally the feelings of being a new dad.

I searched in the forum but don’t see any specific recommendations but perhaps I missed them? Does anyone have a therapist they really like or dietitian they recommend?


No specific recommendation, but you can search Find a Nutrition Expert for a dietitian who would be available in your area (in person or telehealth). Select the “sports nutrition” filter!

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Check availability of a sports specific psychologist locally via psychology today website. I used one briefly and it was helpful, I’ve since just focused on more traditional psychologist as general life stuff was more important to me to keep up with. Good luck!

While Dr. Petralia isn’t a sports psychologist, your needs are more “family man meets endurance athlete”, so she might be worth a session to find out if she’s a good fit. I’m a pretty guarded person and don’t usually do well with therapists because I see where their thought process is going and if I don’t want to go there, I can derail the conversation, but with Dr P, she gets things back on track pretty quick.

She’s in Naples, FL, but does online sessions and even though I’m in town, online is how we’ve been meeting since early 2020 so remote does work well.