Tips on dealing with Hemorrhoids

Ok, this is not a fun topic and its embarrassing to bring up. I have discussed it with my Dr, i take medicine, fallow proper diet etc… but its getting to the point where he is talking surgery if things dont change. I dont want that, I have never had an issue with this in my entire life. I have had a bike fit. My saddle is decent. My thoughts are about switching up to the Mirror saddle, or wondering if the $300bibs would be worth it? I currently wear jackroo bibs issued from my team and they seem to be good quality. Def not cheap. Anyone with experience on this topic, especially if you think the upgrade to the saddle would be worth it or not. That high dollar saddle is pennies compared to the deductible for surgery.

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I doubt that saddle or bibs have anything to do with it. Hemorrhoids are prolapsed veins that line the anal canal. They prolapse due to increased intra-abominal pressure (think pregnancy). Chronic hard stools can thin the lining over the hemorrhoids, predisposing you to prolapse. Increasing water intake (not other liquids, just water) to 72 oz/ ~250 ml/day and 5 to 7 helpings of fruit and vegetables/day. If a period of that doesn’t help, there are several possible treatments ranging from injection to full on surgery. Good luck


I’m definitely of the opinion that saddle + bibs can work as a system.

I had a different comfort issue that was solved by a new saddle and Assos shorts. Assos has a unique pad that might help with hemorrhoids. Their pad creates a space along the perineum.

I’m to the point now where I can’t even ride my old Pearl Izumi shorts. They feel like torture devices now.

Are you sure it’s cycling that is exacerbating the problem?

Yea, it’s never been a issue in my life. I have been cycling for 3 years now, but started taking it serious and training on the trainer and riding 5’times a week about a year ago. Soon as I started getting that way I started experiencing them. They come and go, and the worse experience I had was last summer I wore an old pair of shorts and I paid the price for about 3 weeks. This last one came on about 1.5 weeks ago. Wore older shorts, next day had issues and it’s slowly getting bette le

I have done a lot of research on this online. Cycling dosnt cause them, but the added presurer can cause inflammation and flare ups. This was more of a hey is the high dollar shorts really worth the cost considering I’m already in what I think is a decent pair ? Is the pad really that much better. Or is a material of the shorts

I have a few, never felt like cycling impacted them. It always seems to be diet related for me.

However, to your question, yes, high dollar bibs are generally very nice and feel better in many ways than cheap bibs. I would say spend as much as you like to spend on bibs for comfort, durability, asthetics, etc. However, the gains between really expensive bibs and some quality less expensive bibs is probably marginal, and for your purpose, most likely not going to be a factor. I think good bibs are important for what we do. Sitting on a trainer in a relatively static position for hours isn’t the most comfortable thing, so I invest generally $150 in each pair of bibs and usually have about 6 in the rotation, so I’m a fan of spending money in this area, but if you think it will resolve your issue, I doubt it.

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I 100% agree all my bibs are in that $150 range that’s why i was like do the $300 bibs really offer a better solution? I am willing to give it a try though as high end bibs, and even. Mirror saddle is much much cheaper than what my deductible would be for surgery. My dr told me that just his week if i keep having issues he is going to refer me to a surgeon to discuss. And I’m like ok what can i do different.

The moment I found them, where they were, I wanted a surgery.
A week later, I was already on my bike - post surgery treatment - 3 days of rest.
Otherwise, as some people suggested, I started drinking more water and eating more veggies and voilá - problem solved.
Do NOT be afraid of it. It just happens to some people - medical procedures are more sophisticated now (laser, etc).

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Thank you, This makes me feel a lot better. My fiber is good, but i could do better about water intake.

While not a solution, bidets are your friend when dealing hemorrhoids. Waaaay better than paper.

There are a lot of options to just replace the toilet seat these days. I do recommend getting one with heated water. My brother has a cheap one that uses cold water and he calls the ice pick, but I question his sanity.

I bought a Toto C200 and it’s a game changer in terms of discomfort from hemorrhoids while conducting business. Costco has a similar model available now.


Also get a small footstool to put in front of the toilet. Changes the angle of the distal colon and reduces the pressure required to move things through. Check out “squatty potty” online.

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have you read the squatty potty reviews on amazon?

@JDMBPR88 not something i have issues with but i do have a couple of friends that have had issues with them.

both of them went for surgery and both were annoyed hadnt done it sooner.

Take the surgery. You can use Cremes ( Most of them have cool Ing menthol in it) and they work unless you have severe hämorrhoiden.
Its not a nice feeling to have a greasy, Sticky creme on your Butt.
But, i would recommend Good bibs (for example assos in the higher Price category) for more Co fort and the foam May will suck up moisture.

You know it’s funny I just thought about this last night. As I moved into a new house last year different toilet. And shortly after moving here I had my first issue ever. Definitely gonna check this out.

I’m actually on a prescription medication from my dr. He is the one who told me If this don’t clear it up and you keep having issues then surgery will be the only other option.

Ok, the other Users had also Good advices…if you have problems with your digestion you can use a mild laxantive.
In my country its called laevolac, basically lactose.

So how’s it going with your… issue?

Did you have surgery or get the better bibs/pads. I can definitely tell the difference between the better bibs vs. the cheaper/worn out pad. If the pad fold and rubs/irritates ‘things’, then THAT definitely is not good. My better bibs/kit do not fold and rub. My new Rapha Pro Team and Castelli San Remo do not rub.

It truly not a fun situation. Sometimes… just time off the bike, laying down and not sitting helps.

You don’t have to expend much money on a bibs. I have hemorrhoids (not strong, just medium inconveniences) and I use these bibs:

By the price (65€ plus shipping) is a bargain. Much better than other +/-150€ bibs I have had. It makes my 4-5 rides much more confortable.
And go to a good bikeshop to be your isquions measure (distance from bone to bone on your ass) and get a saddle with these info. You can’t have a narrow saddle if your isquions bones are outside of saddle…

Loss weight…and pray to get better.

I have really focused on drinking alot more water. and I mean a stupid amount it seems like. I still have issues, but its not as extreme. I will probably end up having surgery as that seems to be the only otehr viable alternative. I did get some ASSOS bibs and they work really well. The pad is noticeably better,

I also got a squatty potty. since i moved into my new house is when issues started. new house means new toilet. So between the water and getting that footstool, things have become tolerable atleast.